Selenium Tutorial

What is Selenium?

  • Selenium Is A Robust Set Of Tools That Supports Rapid Development Of Test Automation For Web-Based Applications.
  • Works Any Where Java Script Is  Supported.
  • Hooks For Many Other Languages – Java, Ruby, Python.
  • Can Simulate A User Navigating Through Pages And Then Assert For Specific Marks On The Pages.
  • All You Need To Really Know Is HTML To Start  Using It Right Away.

        Selenium Is An Open Source Tool.Selenium IDE Is A Plug-In To Firefox To Record And Playback Tests (Like WinRunner, QTP).You Can Record How An Application Is Being Used And Then Playback Those Recordings Followed By Asserts.In Selenium We Can Then Export The Recorded Test In Most Language E.g. HTML, Java , .NET , Perl , Ruby Etc. The Exported Test Can Be Run In Any Browser And Any Platform Using “Selenium Remote Control”.

Selenium Components:


        IDE Means Integrated Development Environment For Building Selenium Test Cases. It  Operates As A Firefox Add-On And Provides An Interface For Developing And Running Individual Test Cases Or Entire Test Suites. Selenium-IDE  Has A Recording Feature, Which Will Keep Account Of User Actions As They Are Performed And Store Them As A Reusable Script To Play Back.

Selenium-RC (Remote Control):

Selenium-RC Provides An API (Application Programming Interface) And Library For Each Of Its Supported Languages: HTML, Java, C#, Perl, PHP, Python, And  Ruby.This Ability To Use Selenium-RC With A High-Level Programming Language To Develop Test Cases Also Allows The Automated Testing To Be Integrated With A Project’s Automated Build Environment.

Selenium PDF Files:

Download Selenium:


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